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For thousands of years, we, Ukrainians, live on this land. Our Ukrainian land is blessed. This is the mother for each of us. Beautiful, charming, fruitfull ... We work with kindness and soul: for life, for our children, to multiply the wealth of the people. We grow elite varieties on the Ukrainian land, we use the best Italian and Holand technology, practice and experience. Work in the field, careful care of plants, technology development, and infrastructure development have become the key to our achievements.


Fresh fruits from our berry fields. Always only high quality and best varieties. We are experts in our work and love it.


Treat yourself to the true power of nature.



- Raspberry

We grow the best elite variety of the Italian selection of Amira. Berries are characterized by a pleasant, rich and refined taste, large size and correct shape, good appearance, very good transportability and ability to be stored for up to 5 days without loss of merchandising qualities. All this makes this variety an excellent choice if you want to buy raspberry in bulk.

- Blueberries

Grown from the Dutch landing material. Medium-sized berries, light-bacon flowers with a small lint and dry isolation, are collected in shallow clusters. Have a nice taste and aroma. The size of berries is even. Berries have a firm skin, suitable for long-term storage. Well carry transportation. They have excellent taste, nutritional and commodity qualities, and the properties of billiard when consumed are priceless.

- Strawberries

We grow the best industrial varieties of Italian strawberry selection available on the market. Berries are the right cone shape, uniform in large size. It has a red, fairly vivid surface color of the berries, dense, sweet, fragrant, with high flavor characteristics. Berries are very highly transported, do not lose their appearance when transported.

- Blackberry

Our blackberry is of Ukrainian descent and have fragrant, one-dimensional, large, oval-rounded, black, shiny berries. The skin is sturdy, elastic, with a dry detachment. The flesh is greenish brown, fragrant, sweet sour taste. Our berries are consumed in fresh form, transportable, sheltered in storage, suitable for freezing, preparation of high-quality products of technical processing.

- Currants

Cranberry is surprisingly tasty and useful, especially in the morning's cool period. We grow Dutch red and Ukrainian white varieties. Medium-sized berries, rounded, large, bright red and pale yellow, with a dry detachment, are highly transportable. The skin is dense, strong. Flesh of sweet sour-sweet taste with cherry flavor. Suitable for fresh consumption, for freezing, as well as for different types of juices, wine materials, jelly.





We have assembled a team of professionals in agronomy, logistics, engineering, quality system specialists, and managers. We use Italian and Dutch technologies, best practice and experience, and successfully combine information technology and gardening.

We are proud of our strong and experienced team of highly qualified specialists united by a common goal! Good work on earth to increase the wealth of our people became the guarantee of our achievements.


Wiseberry is a reliable supplier

Wiseberry is a reliable supplier of products on the shelves of supermarkets of well-known retail chains of world brands represented in Ukraine. The company constantly undergoes internal and external audits of the quality and safety of production from our partners and key customers. The technological process and product quality are checked.

We are a participant in the voluntary product safety testing program and submit samples to the European Laboratory.

Compliance with the standards is confirmed by laboratory tests on more than 300 indicators of the content of substances and their residues. We are trusted by well-known and respected brands, and we are proud to cooperate with them!


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